• Kayla Alexandria

Why Traveling to the Grand Canyon Was a Miraculous Experience!

My husband and I recently visited Las Vegas for a LITtle birthday fun in my honor. He really went all out and planned a wonderful get away for me. Seriously, he needs to teach a class because he has this whole husband thing down! Knowing how much I love to travel while traveling, he decided to plan an additional trip to the Grand Canyon during our Vegas trip. So we took a flight tour of the Canyon as well as a walking tour.

To say that it was breath taking would absolutely be an understatement. I just wanted to write a short post about my favorite things, Grand Canyon style!

1. Thousands of Acres, No Trace of People – Living on the east coast forces you to look at people, high rises, shopping malls, cars, trains, traffic, you name it. With all of the lights, you can never look up to the stars and just see the beauty God has created. We hardly ever enjoy nature as it was intended. To fly over the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and Colorado River at such a low altitude, really helped us to understand the massiveness of the Canyon and gave us the experience of a lifetime that I could have only imagined!

2. No Gold, Copper, or Silver – While most of our land tour was self-guided, we were able to get a little information from a very passionate tour guide from Wisconsin. We learned that the Grand Canyon has been so beautifully preserved, in part, by the fact that greedy gold diggers were unsuccessful when searching for treasures. It was amazing to me to know that God put that in place to preserve something he knew man would destroy if given the opportunity. Today, the Grand Canyon is in nearly the same condition as 1,000 years ago!

3. The Original Earth’s Crust – Parts of the Canyon are said to be billions of years old! We were even able to view the depths of her that are a part of the Earth’s original makeup. I found it awe inspiring to view something so ancient, something that man has hardly altered.

4. The Diversity – My husband and I were a part of a small tour. Of which, we were the only Americans. Most of the tour had to be given in other languages such as Japanese and French. We met people from Australia, Africa, and South America. As Americans, we often take the pride out of our own backyard and care more about what is elsewhere in the world. While I love to travel and want to see more of the world, I try to remember that there is beauty in America, too. We can’t let the things happening in our politics and local neighborhoods take away our interest in our own land. The rest of the world stands in awe of the many attributes of our country and so should we.

Check out a few pictures from our trip! 

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