• Kayla Alexandria

The Calm App - My First Week of Meditation

My first week of meditation using the Calm app was nothing short of beautiful. I looked forward to the special, quiet time with no one except myself. I am still a beginner to meditation, I can already see the changes in my focus and mental relaxation as I meditate.

Admittedly, I struggled most days to pause for a moment and meditate but each day, I made it happen. I learned that due to my lifestyle, I either need to wake up early and practice before completing anything else or meditate at the end of the day. I enjoyed meditation in the evening the most, after a fully productive day. It seemed that my brain was a little bit more calm and ready to gently focus.

The Calm app is wonderful for meditation beginners. It offers countless resources for those who are interested in getting better rest, want to feel less anxiety or stress. If you desire to increase your ability to focus on tasks, experience personal growth or build more loving relationships, there are special meditation practices for you on the app.

Each day I listened to the Daily Calm - a different, ten minute, daily practice that focuses on a simple topic. Offering profound ideas to everyday inquiries, I found the Daily Calm to be an easy going way to adjust to the practice and learn to train my mind from wandering. I am still working on that part but I’m embracing the process.

I also enjoyed the narrations from LeBron James and meditation teacher and author, Jeff Warren. Their programs cover many of the fundamentals of meditation at why it is so essential to one’s general health and wellness.

What I’m Looking Forward to in the Future

The Calm app also offers resources for children. As a mother, I look forward to continuing to explore the app and enjoy the different practices created for children. Introducing my daughter to the beauty in meditating is something I’ve always hoped to do, when she's ready.

I encourage you to download the app and thoroughly dive into it. I can guarantee that no matter what areas of your mental and emotional wellness you want to see growth, the Calm app has a resource for you.

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