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The Animal Print Dress I Fell in Love With!

Hey there!

It’s been a minute right? I know! Lots of new things have been happening some wins and some lessons but all is well and I’m happy to be back writing to you. Thanks for everyone who has reached out and inquired about this fabulous dress that I’m excited to give you the deets on today!

I found this gem at one of my favorite stores. It’s become a little more popular I feel and for good reason. The clothes are great quality and you can really tell that they are made with love. Which I love.

I’m talking about Altar’d State.

You can really find some great pieces here and fill your wardrobe with simple yet unique and very special garments.

Altar’d State also has a subtle just perfect touch of a faith based influence, which I love. The trinkets, pillows, and other simple household treasures you’ll find there tend to have a scripture or loving message that bring you comfort and joy as you parooze the store. It’s amazing!

This time of year, as the cold sets in and the holidays are among us, this is one of my go to stores for comfortable and stylish fashions.

This dress in particular, I saw and instantly fell in love with it.

First of all if you know me, you know I live for anything with animal print. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shoe, bag, jacket, or top, I love the warmth and natural feel of all things animal print. So when I saw this fabulous, mini, a-line dress I knew I had to own it. the fabric is soft and very comfortable. It falls beautifully and hugs in all of the perfect places!

I instantly thought about all of the ways I could style it but with the cold weather quickly coming around the corner, I knew one of the first ways would be with a fitted black turtle neck, black opaque tight and over-the-knee boots!

So I did! And I loved it!

During the spring I feel this will be a great dress to pair with a black or even red bootie and denim jacket. However you style it, make it yours!

I’d you liked this dress and would like to purchase for yourself, here’s the link!

Don’t forget to check out Altar’dstate.com or visit a store near you!

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