• Kayla Alexandria

Perfectly Balancing It All? How I DON'T!!

Hey loves! It’s been a minute. I have just been so consumed with life itself, that I just needed some time away to regroup and reassess a few things! As you may remember, I recently became a home owner, I was also promoted on my job, I even took up an additional writing gig. Things have been busy and the with holiday season among us, I’ve just been trying to catch my breath!

Now, things are becoming a little more chill and I’m certainly more centered. Thank you for your patience and dedication to MNM!

As mentioned before, I am taking more timeout of my life to focus on balance. For most of us women, we have learned how to balance absolutely everything. We are wives, moms, daughters, entrepreneurs, students, friends, and so much more. We don’t always get the time off that we need and many times we don’t get the accolades we deserve. But none of that stops the show- we have to keep it moving.  

While I was away on a short sabbatical, I really took some time to reflect on where God has brought me and where I hope to go next. With that being said, I put together a few keys that helped me have a productive sabbatical and why I am really looking forward to what is to come!

1. Surround Yourself with Positive People Who Uplift You – During my off time, I really found joy in speaking with the people in my life who speak life into me. Those who understand my aspirations and want nothing but the best for me. Sometimes you just need to hear encouragement and embrace positivity. My husband is my best friend. He is such a light in my life. Spending more time with him really helped me feel relaxed and grateful. I also took more time to brainstorm effectively and reflect on my goals.

2. Take Time Away from the Hustle – If you are like me, you are always thinking about what’s next. I never feel like I’m working hard enough. I am never content with my current situation. I am always asking God to give me more opportunity, more knowledge, more experience. It’s never enough – and that’s a problem. This brings me to my third point.

3. Remember That God’s Grace is Enough – All that we have and all that we are is because of God’s love and grace towards us. While it is great to want more out of life, we have to remember to be thankful and content with what has already been. Think back on where you used to be, who you used to be. WE ARE ALL A WORK IN PROGRESS!. As long as you are always trying to be your best self, it’s okay to take a step back and be thankful and even proud of yourself. Congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished and give all the glory to God for his grace and favor!

4. Get back to the basics – As women, we are many things. But of all of our titles, a few are more important than others. As for me, I am a women of God first, a wife second. So with that in mind, I really took some time to be sure that those things took number one priority in my life. Being devoted to God makes it easy to be a great wife. Spending more time with my husband, making more memories really impacted my growth and appreciation for life. You never want to take certain things for granted. So be sure to spend time taking care of the things and the people who really matter – even if that means saying no to other people or other “obligations”.

5. Log Off! – I take social media and online information breaks…often. We live in a world where everything has to be broadcasted to the masses, whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent. With all that is going on in the world, it is important to stay centered and focused on what directly impacts your soul and your well-being. Try not to overindulge in things that don’t brings positivity to your life.

Hope this brings your peace! Share what helps you stay balanced and focused!


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