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My NABShow Experience!

Day 2 at NABShow in Las Vegas - Panel ready!

Hello Loves!

Once again I have been blessed to have had a new experience that I am excited to share with you! I was recently given the opportunity to speak at the 2019 National Association of Broadcasters National Convention (NABShow) in Las Vegas, as both a moderator and panelist! While I was beyond thrilled and a bit nervous to be part of this annual event, I would later learn that this convention drew in thousands of attendees and the scale of it was even more than I knew.

While I have been to Las Vegas a couple of times, I have actually never been to the convention center. If you're familiar with Vegas, you're familiar with the strip. The convention center isn't located on the strip, it's more off the beaten path so I don't think I've ever noticed it. It's a huge building of course, with a north and south wing. I had no idea that NABShow was occupying the entire building! When I walked about and realized this, I knew I was a part of something special to a lot of people.

Hundreds of tech and media companies come out to show case their state of the art products and innovations. Thousands of employees from global companies come from all over the world. I saw just about ever race and engaged with people from small start up brands to major global brands like Amazon, Facebook, and Waze.

My first panel called for me to serve as the moderator. I lead a discussion with 4 Hollywood (and beyond) cinematographers (Liz Hinlein, Robert E. Arnold, Kira Kelly, and Col. Terry Virts) as we discussed diversity among TV and film crews. Check out some photos below!

On Day 2, I served as a panelist with two other superstars, Juliana Broste - a fantastic travel journalist (@travelingjules) and Jessica Neistadt - a content creator and girl boss, with a strong following (@jessicaneistadt). Check out some pics and a short clip!

For more moments from this experience, follow me on Instagram, @slayllah!

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