• Kayla Alexandria

Dear Black Folks - We Need to Travel More. Period.

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Growing up, history was always my favorite subject. I just loved learning about other people and parts of the world that I had yet to experience. As a military kid, I was exposed to other parts of the United States at a young age and longed to see more of the world. Now that I am an adult and have the ability to travel all over the globe, I make it my business several times a year. It’s a priority to me and I urge others to make it one for them too.

However, for so many, traveling just isn’t seen as important. Far too many of my friends don’t have passports and have barely been outside of their region of the country. It’s something I feel we have to change. Especially in this political climate. Having a better understanding of other cultures and customs will help us become more tolerant and knowledgeable of other people. We could use a lot more of that nowadays.

I recently traveled to the Yucatan Peninsula and learned more about the exceptional history of the ancient Mayan people. It really opened my eyes to just how little we (Americans) learn about other cultures in our school system. We are often told the European side of history, which are usually alternative facts, instead of the truth about various parts of the world.

To see the Chichén Itzá up close and personal and to learn about just how ahead of their time the Mayan people were, made me wonder why I hadn’t learned more about them in school. They were truly phenomenal! For example, did you know that the inside of the Chichen Itza is not hollow but is actually a shell housing another pyramid inside? These structures were built between the 9th and the 12th century, using no modern day tools for lifting, measuring, or elevating. It is approximately 98 feet high and 181 feet wide and is one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is unknown as to how the ancient Mayans built something so spectacular and majestic.

When Christopher Columbus, the ignorant explorer, arrived in Mexico, looking for a short cut to India, he found some of the the natives of the land. He stayed on the coast, never going deep into the jungle. When he found the natives he called them ignorant. He had no idea just what was he truth of their existence. He was ignorant and unlearned because he was lost and untraveled.

Trevor Noah said it best - “traveling is the antidote to ignorance.” When we don’t travel, there is so much we don’t know about people, culture, and history. This makes it impossible to know as much as we can about the world we live in today. I hope you will make the time to travel and remember that you can always earn more money but you can’t earn more time.

This world is beautiful and there is so much to see. 

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