• Kayla Alexandria

Bring On FALL! Ease Into the Season With These October Must Haves!

As Fall is upon us, Summer is still trying to hang on, stressing us all out every day as we ponder what to wear. Don’t panic, I have just the tips to help you out! These fall must haves will make your life so much easier as we transition into the new season!

A Suede Sandal - What seems like an oxymoron is actually a great way to stay in summer style while subconsciously getting your mind right for fall! Pair them with a distressed jean or flirty dress and feel chic and comfy!

A Denim Shirt or Jacket - The classic must have for any wardrobe has the the ultimate comeback at the end of summer. It’s great for cool summer nights and dewy mornings! Pair it with a great summer dress or a dope pair of pants and be in your way!

Tailored Blazers - Paired with a blouse or tee, a jean or trousers, the right blazer will give you all of your life! Be it a short cropped one or a longer one that covers the tush, you really have endless options here. Blazers, or sports coats, are a great way to show your creativity because they literally come in all prints, colors, and fabrics. They are stylish accessories and add flair to almost any simple look. Easy to throw on and off, they are perfect for early mornings and chilly evenings.

Animal Print Anything - Something about animal print just screams “fall!". Accent an everyday outfit with a pair of animal print flats or crossbody bag. A fun, flirty animal print dress or belt will take a simple look and elevate them, effortlessly!  

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