• Kayla Alexandria

5 Tips to Overcome Writer's Block!

As a journalist, writer’s block is unavoidable at times. My personal go-to solution is usually a change of scenery. Moving to a new location, whether it’s a coffeehouse, the harbor, a park or even downtown, always makes my mind feel refreshed and renewed. But now a days, heading to my favorite spot isn’t so easy. The Coronavirus has the entire world practicing social distancing, keeping us confined to our home. However, the show must go on.

Many writers are still working even if other professionals are currently furloughed. Because you can write from anywhere and submit your work digitally, many of us still have to produce strong content despite the worldly circumstance. With that being said, I wanted to extend five helpful tips to my fellow writers, just in case they’re experiencing a little writer's block.

1. Take a break and refuel - If you’re like me, you can easily go half of the day without eating. This is a sure way to impact your ability to think sharply and may cause you to experience writer’s block. So take a moment to refuel with some nutrients. Refueling may also mean getting in a quick workout or listening to some motivational programs like podcasts or audiobooks.

2. Stop and read - Reading and writing go hand in hand. The strongest writers usually love to read. Reading can often help open your mind and break down the barriers of writer's block. Reading offers fresh ideas new words and inspiration.

3. Reach out to a fellow writer for support - Every writer experiences writer’s block. If you have a fellow writer that you can count on to give you the encouragement and ideas that you need, try giving them a call. Two heads are always better than one!

4. Switch to a different project or task - If writer’s block sets in for too long, it can become a serious time waster. This can cause frustration and lack of productivity. Switch to a task that’s easier and lighter and can help get your creative juices flowing again. Then, when you’re ready, return to the original task with renewed energy.

5. Do more research - Experiencing writer’s block may mean that you aren’t as knowledgeable about a subject as you may need to be in order to delve into it the way you really want to. Sometimes you don’t know what to say because you don’t have anything to say. Taking some time to do additional research on a matter could help break down the wall that is keeping you from crossing over into writer’s bliss!

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