• Kayla Alexandria

5 Reasons I Love Natural Hair and Skin Care Products by Urban Hydration!

When it comes to products that help us love our natural hair and skin, black women have so many options! It really is a different world than it was just 10 years ago. However, because their are so many products out there for us, it can be hard to know which ones are best.

We all have different things we require when deciding which way to go when purchasing often pricey products and making them a part of our everyday beauty routine. For me, a product must be safe and cruelty free and reasonably priced. Also, if a brand is made and marketed towards black women, it must be created by and overseen by a black person. Yes, I am willing to do that research and keep it in the community! 

So, when I first learned about natural skin and hair care products by Urban Hydration, I was so excited! They checked off every requirement on my list and MORE! I can't wait for you to learn why I instantly fell in love with their products because I know you will too!  

1. Black Family Owned - Urban Hydration is owned and operated by a beautiful black woman AND her hubby! How cool is that? When I first met CEO, Psyche Terry, I simply adored her beautiful, glowy brown skin, and dark curly hair. I loved that she had created a worldwide brand made to celebrate the beauty of black women, naturally. Nothing makes me more excited to try a new product than knowing that it’s made with black women in mind. Learn more about their story here

2. Safe and Natural Ingredients - I just HATE when I’m shopping around for a new skin or hair care product and when I turn the bottle or jar over to see the ingredients, I have no idea how to pronounce any of the words! Furthermore, I have learned the value of using products made with integrity. When using Urban Hydration, you can feel secure knowing that the ingredients inside are plant and fruit based, vegan, and cruelty free!

3. A Company with a Cause - Wanna play your part in making a difference in the world? While purchasing Urban Hydration products, you are doing just that! This brand has partnered with nonprofit, WATERisLIFE which gives a gallon of water to a family in need for every product you purchase! By bringing Urban Hydration products into your home, you are helping an even greater cause. If you don’t try these products for any other reason but this one, you’re winning!

4. Soooo Many Options! - As a woman who loves having a fresh shape up and not a fan of hair all over my head, I take a lot of pride in my skin care. Healthy skin is beauty skin! So I love trying new skin care products. I've tried so many different products and I must say I have been most impressed with the huge selection from Urban Hydration. So many products for all skin types! My absolute fave is the Pink Clay Whipped Mud Facial Mask. It is refreshing and gentle and left my fave feeling smooth, clean, and oil free yet moisturized. I fell in love with it instantly! Check out my tutorial video below!

5. Reasonably Priced and Easy to Find! Urban Hydration is not like so many other natural hair brands that take full advantage of our pockets. The items are affordable and don’t require you to use a ton product for maximum results! To make you even more excited, Urban Hydration is sold in Wal-Mart, Sally Beauty and JCPenney stores worldwide! Find a retailer near you HERE!  

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